Bilingual Assessment

Language Proficiency–Test Your Lexicon

Eastern AHEC provides a Language Proficiency Assessment (LPA) which can determine if a present or potential staff member, or a student can speak two languages proficiently enough to be qualified bilinguals. Passing this assessment with an 80% or better–on all three levels–can speak one-on-one with others who speak the same language. This is also the pre-testing process our potential interpreter students must pass in order to take the course. Please note that passing this does not allow an individual to be an interpreter. That requires a 40+ hour training.

To learn more about our LPA and how to test your lexicon, or to become eligible to take the LPA, please contact us at


Hartford Hospital Language Proficiency Assessment:

LPA Level 1

LPA Level 2

You must pass each of these with an 80% or better to move on to the Level 3–the oral assessment. If you have any questions, please contact Cherie at 860-208-6562 or