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Youth Health Service Corps (YHSC)


The purpose of the Youth Health Service Corps (YHSC) is to increase enrollment, retention, and success in the allied health and nursing professions by exposing high school students to these careers through service learning.

YHSC is an award-winning health career recruitment program that engages middle and high school students in quality service learning projects that address pressing community health issues. Through service, YHSC members explore health careers while acquiring real life experience working with under-served populations in community health care settings. Successful YHSC members complete the following YHSC Program Main Components:

• 5 Module Curriculum that teaches about leadership & service learning, vulnerable populations & cultural competency, ethical & legal issues, health careers, and health care skills.

• CPR Certification

• Service Learning Project

Eastern AHEC has now been provided this to hundreds of high school and middle school students throughout Windham and New London counties. Not only has our YHSC program developed a sense of self for many of our students, it has also successfully taught students about helping others, community involvement, leadership skills, and even career aspirations and professional skills.


  1. Coordinate and organize continuing education programs for medical and social service providers and their organizations that meet regulatory requirements for continuing education units and accreditation.
  2. Recruit, train, and retrain community health workers and institute advanced career paths through higher education.
  3. Provide health career recruitment programs to high school and college students by introducing future health professions and, at the same time, provide  care to those who are currently underserved medically.

YHSC Program Standards

The YHSC Program is based on the following standards:

• National Health Care Skill Standards (

• K-12 Service Learning Standards for Quality Practice (

• 40 Developmental Assets (

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